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Only the professional application of exact forest data for lumber stacks and individual logs enables a decisive optimisation of individual process areas of a logistics chain.


It for example enables the implementation of an electronic delivery note from covering the process from the lumber stack to the factory entrance.

The 'Share data' functions are used to provide for example, forest measures for other process stakeholders, such as timber buyers, hauliers, service providers, or web-based timber sales portals.


However such data also enables the easy exchange of data by using own separate IT applications such as merchandise management systems or accounting programmes.

Functions for 'data reconciliation' enable the creation of links within the return or status updates.

For example, the feedback of the haulier regarding the off-site transportation history and the volume related off-site transportation status of a lumber stack. This is very significant from a logistical point of view and, above all, very relevant to the protection of forests.

Or the lumber stack-related feedback from the factory input measuring - of each delivered truck load.

For the reconciliation of different measuring processes for the provisioning and the sales process.

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