• Measuring of lumbar stacks with 3D stereo camera technology

  • Photo-optical drive-by process - yardstick, tape measure or other reference objects are not required

  • Calibrated measuring enables legally secure settlement processes

  • Highest precision under all conditions with a maximum calibration error of +/- 3% relative to the face of the lumber stack

  • A unique LED lighting system enables the use during the day and during the night

  • In any weather, all year round

  • Measures offline - automatically transmits network coverage data without media disruptions

  • Comfortable and intuitive operation

  • Effective integration into the entire process chain

  • Low personnel costs, maximum efficiency and reliability


'sScale' is the professional and calibrated measuring device for lumber stack data recording in the forest. Within the DRALLE 'Stacks' logistics concept, 'sScale' supplies legally secure data for all downstream process sections from the forest to the factory.

The system simplifies and accelerates the flow of timber and information, minimises logistics costs, facilitates documentation and makes the timber sales process more transparent.

A user of this device converts between 200 and 400 thousand solid cubic meters per annum, thus guaranteeing maximum efficiency and process standardisation. 'sScale' is mounted as a stereo camera system on a vehicle and can be operated intuitively using the built-in touchscreen and is quick and easy to learn.

All data, both administrative, such as lumber stack ID, tree species and buyer, as well as all measuring results, such as solid and fixed dimensions, number of items and diameter distribution, are immediately transmitted to the DRALLE webServer, an integral part of the 'Stacks' logistics concept, after recording. A very advanced lumber stack management becomes possible in combination with the API data interface. A measuring accuracy of +/- 3% is guaranteed by means of device calibration for the measuring of the face of the lumber stack.

Extended sScale Functions




App for mobile registration of lumber stacks

Technical solution to measure very high lumber stacks

Splits the lumber stack front into several parts to measure very long stacks or stacks in a curve


Determines the face front percentage of the lumber stack front


More information on the products of the 'Stacks' product line:


Assign the lumber stack number and register the measuring order including position:

  • using the StackSnap app offline in the forest on site

  • via DRALLE webServer directly in GIS

  • via interfaces with your own IT

Mobile, calibrated and fotooptical measurement of the stack surface:

  • Stack volume

  • Log count

  • diameter distribution

  • foto documentation

  • ...


Data synchronisation by using the DRALLE webServer:

  • Data storage

  • data management

  • further data applications.