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Incoming goods and load measuring of bulk material - automated and efficient

Optimised supply control, acceptance and settlement of raw materials as well as factory-internal logistics are of central importance for the optimal flow of processes at timber processing factories

With tScale, the load handling of trucks and train wagons is automated and completely digitised.

Incoming goods and load measuring are accelerated and the times on site in and around the company premises are minimised.

tScale will be integrated into process flows and local structures to improve overall factory logistics.

Anker 1

tScale is designed for load recording on trucks and train wagons, enables the measuring of plywood and bulk material with only one portal installation and easily takes place during the passage of the load carrier.

The individual loads are recorded with stereo camera-based 3D sensor modules to determine the true loading volume with high precision.

Camera modules also enable excellent documentation of the load and the load carriers during arrival and departure from the factory premises.


Secure handling 

of bulk material

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