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To what extent is your bulk material storage filled?


Currently, this question is primarily answered by using visual assessments. However, even trained eyes can scarcely estimate the volume of bulk materials.

In addition, it is very important for all members of the logistics chain to receive accurate data and if possible, in real time. This concerns the security of supply, liquidity commitments and an overall optimal production process.

Interrupting the raw material supply will lead to a disruption of the logistics chain, to production losses and time-consuming reboots of heating systems and boilers.

storage management and measurement as well as documentation is made easier with bScale
storage management through bScale
Accurate storage inventory - in real time?

bScale provides a solution to this question and determines the precise storage inventory volume. Not just quarterly, monthly or weekly, but at any time and without any intervention on your part.

Our photo-optical 3D cameras reconstruct the surface of stored bulk materials with incredibly high precision. Such reconstruction is compared in relation to the empty state of the storage. In doing so, your inventory will be displayed continuously and accurately.

The measuring results are seamlessly transferred to your own EDP system via interfaces. In this way, the current data is always available to everyone.


bScale operates similar to the fuel gauge in your car. You always know how full your storage is and can react accordingly.

bScale is a project we are looking forward to doing and if you think you are the right partner for us to develop the solution - please contact us on e-mail or via the contact form.

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