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Test the data collection in the forest with mScale and explore the Dralle webServer to manage your wood data - easy and comfortable.

Please use the contact  to apply for your free of charge test user account.

Manual timber measuring with 'mScale' - record and automate digitally: For Android smartphones and tablets

Determining the number of items at the lumber stacks, documentation of manually recorded measured quantities, calculation of volumes and the mean values or the downstream data management represent complex steps during the implementation of conventional timber measuring methods in the forest.


DRALLE offers an Android app that takes traditional timber recording into a new era.

'mScale' fundamentally supports timber measuring in the forest, since all manually recorded measurement data in the section measuring process or in the individual log measuring is digitally recorded immediately. GPS positioning and a photo-optical automated counting function on a panorama picture supplement the measuring of timber in the forest.

Download information at a glance  (PDF 2,7 MB) 

Download mScale pricing  (PDF814 KB) 

'mScale' operates offline in the forest. Data is transmitted to the central DRALLE webServer via mobile or wifi connection – when available. The card-based DRALLE webServer provides numerous functions for data processing.

In addition to various filter methods, the measuring results can be shared e.g., with contract partners, by using export functions. Furthermore, e.g., orders or delivery notes can be created by a mouse click. The 'mScale' user rights management is also performed via the DRALLE webServer.

mobile timber stack masurement
mobile timber stack masurement

'mScale' is the perfect tool not only for the forest owner but also for the forest service provider to document the work performed and to limit many manual office activities to a minimum. The DRALLE webServer always offers a full overview of all timber volumes to the forest owner, even if he cannot be on site.


timber stack measurement is precise with mScale

Measuring and labelling lumber stacks and individual logs by using the manual standard procedure

timber stack measurement is precise with mScale

Recording all relevant data on site by using 'mScale' on a smartphone or tablet (android):

  • Lumber stack numbers/log numbers

  • Measurement results (heights, lengths, diameters)

  • Panorama Photo

  • automatic counting of the individual items displayed on the photo

  • Diameter sampling on end faces

  • GPS-Position




Data synchronisation using the DRALLE webServer

Data storage, data management and further data applications

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