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sScale measuring wood in the forest

What we do

Founded by Dr. Kim Dralle in 2002, today DRALLE A/S is a pioneer, market leader and innovator in the field of calibratable photo-optical measuring utilising 3D stereo camera technology and its seamless and user-friendly integration into IT-supported logistics processes.


DRALLE A/S is integrated into a technology park at the premises of FORCE Technology, one of the leading hi-tech companies in Denmark, which has resulted in many long-standing intensive partnerships and cooperations with forward-looking innovation companies. FORCE-Technology is recognised as Advanced Technology Group Institute (GTS) by the Danish Ministry of Science, which enables Dralle A/S, during development work, to benefit from scientific know-how in sensor technology, lenses, optics and acoustics. Via an international network for sales and service, Dralle A/S is represented in a total of 12 countries. Our involvement in Central Europe represents a focal point of our international engagement.


DRALLE provides advanced tools for photo-optic measuring of lumber stacks in combination with innovative supply chain management solutions for the forestry and forest-based industries. The DRALLE sScale system enables highly efficient, weather-independent serial surveying of lumber stacks, combined with customisable timber tracking and settlement database services. The system is scalable and enables each customer to track, manage and trade their timber that was measured by using sScale mobile units.

DRALLE works in association with leading supploers of IT-solutions for foresting and woodworking factories, such as SAP. We support our customers in implementation of our technology in existing systems, so that the whole chain of logistics is implemented in one system, from pick-up points in the forest and measurement of the timber and wood, the order of timber transportation, the delivery of timber at the worksite all the way to invoicing suppliers and purchasers.

The tScale is the latest in innovation and usage of the advanced photo measuring technology of DRALLE. We are excited to bring the most secure and certified way of measuring bulk material and roundwood on trucks and trains, to the foresting and woodworking industries.

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